Fluid Business Credit Repair

We look to help our clients by disputing inaccurate, incomplete, erroneous, and obsolete negative items from their credit files.  Committed to our goal of helping business owners rebuild and re-establish their credit, Fluid works tirelessly to understand each situation and provide service that is second to none.

Getting started is simple: 


Credit Report
When rebuilding your credit, the first step is determine the cause of your poor credit.  Obtain a recent copy of your 3-bureau credit report.  You can pull it from sites like credit karma or free credit report.  Once you have it in hand, we comb through your report and review items that negatively impact your score.  

Step 2

Provide a government issued photo ID, a document displaying your social security number, and a document displaying your current address.  We need these items to so that we can ensure that the three major credit bureaus accept your disputes.

Step 3

Analysis & Dispute preparation
Our credit consultants will meticulously conduct a professional analysis of your 3-bureau credit report and identify all dispute items.  IN addition, a more comprehensive dispute will be prepared by our experts.

Step 4

Dispute Submission & Results
After we complete our dispute work, which includes our professional analysis and dispute preparation, the last step is Dispute Submission.  Within approximately 30 days after submitting your disputes, the credit bureaus will mail you a summary statement of the results.


Call us today at 844.553.5843 or email us at info@fluidbusinessresources.com to learn more.