Fluid Credit Card Processing

We understand how hard it is to generate revenue while managing expenses to run your business.  Keep more of your hard worked money when you process with Fluid.  Our payment processing solutions provide quick and simple transaction management at an affordable rate.

In addition we offer many features that help your business operate:

  • Next Day Funding - receive your funds in 24 hours
  • Quickbooks integration - save yourself the trouble of data entry
  • Mobile Processing - take payments right on your phone
  • Inventory Management - our mobile processing capabilities help track your inventory levels to let you know when to reorder  

Send us a month's statement and we will conduct rate analysis, giving you a side by side comparison of the rates you are paying now to the rates you could be paying with Fluid.


Call us today at 844.553.5843 or email us at info@fluidbusinessresources.com to learn more.